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Cumming Library

Address: 585 Dahlonega Street in Cumming, Georgia
The Staff: Denise Leeson (Branch Manager), Joan Dudzinski (Information Services Supervisor), Andrea DelValle (Circulation Supervisor), Julie Boyd (Youth Services Supervisor)

Hampton Park Library

Address: 5345 Settingdown Road in Cumming, Georgia
The Staff: Ross Gericke (Branch Manager), Brooke Rose (Information Services Supervisor), Cristie Edmondson (Circulation Supervisor), Stephanie Hampson (Youth Services Supervisor)

Post Road Library

Address: 5010 Post Road in Cumming, Georgia
The Staff: Ann Decherd (Branch Manager), Kim Ottesen (Information Services Supervisor), Sharon Anderson (Circulation Supervisor), Lisa Echols (Youth Services Supervisor)

Sharon Forks Library

Address: 2820 Old Atlanta Road in Cumming, Georgia
The Staff: Mendy Gunter (Branch Manager), Meredith Bowermeister (Information Services Supervisor), Teresa Santangelo (Circulation Supervisor ), Cleo Joyce (Youth Services Supervisor)


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